The MTP Masterclasses commenced this semester.

These Masterclasses run on a Thursday throughout the teaching semester and enable students and staff to gain practical knowledge and skills from a range of events, including presentations, panels, performances and provocations. Held in the city, Masterclasses enable wider participation from the university and industry partners.

At the first Masterclass Educational Psychologist, Helen James spoke about the importance of social and emotional learning for both students and teachers. Hands-on activities enabled students, VCE and VE staff to explore what resilience, empathy and respect would look like in a classroom.

The next day our DVCE, Belinda Tynan, conducted a Masterclass with students, drawing on her earlier career as a teacher, inviting students to think creatively about teaching practice.

Last week we had two Masterclasses running concurrently: Tass focused on gifted, talented and creative learners, while Rohan had us Musicking multicultural genres. Both these Masterclasses were open to staff.

With thanks to Kathy Jordan for providing us with this update.