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I had the great pleasure of attending the B Ed Beginning Teachers’ Conference today at Hazel Glen College. The day was wonderfully well-organised by our student panel, ably supported by both Richard and Peter M and generously hosted by Hazel Glen. It was great to have June representing the library.

Although I couldn’t stay for the whole day, I did hear an impressive panel of principals speak about how they approach the recruitment and selection process. Richard skilfully probed to uncover their approaches. It was a terrific opportunity to hear what selection panels are looking for and to hear some hair-raising stories about the inclusion of inappropriate photos attached to CVs!

Talking to our students I was impressed by their passion for teaching and their enthusiasm to move into the next phase of their career. All the school principals and A/Ps spoke in glowing terms about the calibre of RMIT students and graduates. It was a powerfully affirming event!

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