The first session will take the format of a performance and discussion by Feminist Educators Against Sexism #FEAS, the title of which is SEXISM: It’s not Funny!

Pedagogy in the Pub is a series of monthly discussions, facilitated by some of the keenest educational thinkers from Australia and abroad. Each month, our speakers draw on their expertise to explore ways that can reimagine the ‘promise of education’ in a ‘post-truth’ world.

Feminist Educators Against Sexism #FEAS, is a feminist collective committed to developing interventions into sexism in the academy and other educational spaces. We use a mix of humour, irreverence, guerrilla methodology and collective action to interrupt and disarm both everyday and institutional sexism within Higher Education and other spaces. #FEAS was formed by Mindy Blaise (VU), Emily Gray (RMIT) and Linda Knight (QUT) in 2016 and emerged out of a funded project to develop arts-based interventions into sexism in higher education.

#FEAS develop interventions that are performed at conferences and other public events. Our interventions include sexist/anti-sexist bingo cards, pipeline myth t-shirts that display statistics about women’s employment in universities, whistles to blow when no-one is listening, and butterfly nets for catching those elusive opportunities. At Pedagogy in the Pub, we will be performing a stand-up comedy performance and facilitating a discussion about everyday and structural sexism in the academy.

Where? The Last Jar Dining Room, 616 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne 3000


Dinner and drinks: 6:00 – 6:45pm

Prepared Remarks: 6:45 – 7pm

Open Discussion: 7:00 – 8pm

How to register for this FREE event: