ITE staff, please see below information from the Professional Practice and Workforce Reform Branch, Department of Education and Training

Following the release of the High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITs) in 2017, the Department is pleased to announce the release of the Practice Principles for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

This evidence-based learning and teaching resource comprises a Vision for Learning as well as Nine Practice Principles for Teaching and Learning, and provides a tailored entry point into the Department’s Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) state-wide policy priorities. These priorities include:

By engaging with the 9 Practice Principles for Teaching and Learning, PSTs, school-based mentors and/or supervisors, and university-based teacher educators can work towards a shared and strengthened understanding of excellence in classroom practice. Importantly, these Practice Principles can prompt conversations which challenge how we think about teaching. The Vision for Learning supports this understanding by providing a guide to teaching and learning programs that drive school improvement, and enable all students to experience learning growth and achievement.

The Practice Principles have been designed to replace the Department’s Principles of Learning and Teaching (POLT), and will eventually be transitioned into the Key Selection Criteria for graduate teachers in Victoria. This new resource may add value and complement your university’s current learning and teaching resources provided to PSTs as part of their participation in an ITE course.  To support this transition, links within the resource to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers will assist PSTs in their efforts to document their progress towards the Graduate Standards and beyond.

Paper copies of the Practice Principles for Excellence in Teaching and Learning are on their way. If you would like a copy please let Tracey know.